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Does Tangerpay work with ALL makes and models?

The Tangerpay Kiosk and NFC Mobile Pay Tags work with all makes and models, such as ADC, Dexter, Electrolux, Huebsch, Ipso, LG, Maytag, Primus, Speed Queen, Wascomat, Girbau, Domus, Fagor and many others.

What is the installation process?

Our solution is full wireless and completely plug’n’play. You don’t have to worry about invasive installation or complex wiring. On average, it takes 15 minutes to install Tangerpay in a laundry machine.

How much does it cost?

We offer an affordable solution that is finally within reach to the average laundromat owner. Tangerpay is available in many different countries and is priced in the local currency. Click here to reach out to us for a free quote.

Is there a lock-in contract?

No. We don’t have lock-in contracts – you can simply pay as you go.

What about customer support?

Tangerpay already supports clients in multiple timezones across the world from Iceland to New Zealand. Our support centres are set up to deal with clients in different geographies and timezones. We respond to all emails within one business day and our call centre is manned 24×7. Online technical support is available during AEST 8am to 5pm for non-critical issues.

Does Tangerpay work without Internet?

All payment systems accepting VISA, Mastercard and AMEX must communicate via the Internet to process the card payment.

If you don’t have Internet at all, Tangerpay can be supplied with a 4G SIM card modem. Easy peasy! Talk to us today to find out more.

I've heard some providers don't need internet, is that true?

Beware of any solutions claiming  “No internet” required.   Internet is ALWAYS required!

A good question to ask is “how does your card data get to Apple/Google/Visa/Mastercard/Amex?”   It’s not by carrier pigeon, that’s for sure!

Tangerpay provide the BEST laundry payment solution for 24/7 availability, talk to us today about your needs.


Do I need to put a credit card reader on each machine?

No, there’s no need to add card readers to every machine.  A single kiosk can handle payments for all the machines in your store, or for customers who prefer to pay at a machine, they can pay directly from their phone by scanning a QR code.

What are the payment options for laundry customers?

Customers can pay at the Kiosk using all popular payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Additionally, a lot of younger folks prefer to pay at the machine using our smart QR codes/NFC mobile pay tags. Other systems in the market are pay-at-kiosk only or mobile pay only, but Tangerpay is an all-in-one system and the only one of its kind.

Can my customers still pay with coin?


Do my customers need to download an app or sign up for an account to pay for their washing?

A new customer can pay for their wash instantly with no account setup required. They can just Select, Pay and Start – 3 easy steps!

What are the advantages of using a cashless payment system at my laundromat?

Too many reasons! – Most customers these days are going cashless. Having a cashless payment option saves them from rummaging for change/coins. – You can reduce theft, security risks, counterfeit money and vandalism. – You can reward your loyal customers through targeted discounts, promotions and membership prices.

How secure is your payment system?

All card readers we use are EMV-certified and payment processes have PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance, which is the highest grade of security and accreditation available in the industry. Tangerpay does not store credit card data of any type on its servers, which also protects you, the store owner, from any security breaches.

How frequently will I receive my money?

Your funds are paid daily into your nominated business account. We also offer weekly and monthly payments to specific customers in specific countries.

Can customers start multiple machines at a time?


What if I'm on holiday? Can I start machines remotely?

You bet! You don’t have to cut a holiday short just because your customer is having issues at your laundromat. With our Remote Start feature, you can remotely start any machine from anywhere in the world from your mobile phone/tablet. This is perfect for handling customer issues. You can also authorise other people to remote start the machines at your laundry and have access to your portal.

What sizes do the Tangerpay kiosks come in?

As laundromats come in different shapes and sizes, we offer 3 types of kiosks to best suit your store needs.

  • Standard Kiosk: 10″ screen perfect for busy laundromats
  • Kiosk Max: 16″ model and great for sites with a little more room
  • Kiosk Mega: 21″ model which is great when you just want to stand out
What if my laundromat has no space for a kiosk?

We’ve got you covered! Our NFC Mobile Pay solution allows customers to tap their phone or scan a QR code on these smart discs that are only 60mm in diameter. Tapping the NFC tag launches the Tangerpay app with their machine pre-selected and ready to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay (card entry methods also supported).

What are NFC tags?

Our NFC tags bring the very latest in NFC (near-field communications) technology into the laundry room. Once you stick these smart looking discs with self-adhesive backing to your laundry machines, customers will be able to easily pay by tapping their phone on the NFC tag or by scanning the QR code shown on the front. Tapping the NFC tag launches the Tangerpay app with their machine pre-selected and ready to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay (card entry methods also supported). Our paper stickers do make a cheaper alternative to the NFC tags but they are not tappable since they lack an NFC chip and they also do not pre-select the machine for the customer.

Can I run a loyalty program for my customers?

Yes, you can! Tangerpay supports all styles of loyalty programs and promotions that you can possibly think of. For example, pay $100 get $120 credit, 25% off all washers between 6-9pm every Tuesday, 20% off all dryers all day everyday for specific customers, 10th wash free, $20 cashback on every $100 spend, and many more such patterns. All of this can easily be set up by yourself within minutes on the Tangerpay portal.

Do you cater only to laundromats?

We cater to a variety of customer segments! Our smart payment solutions can also be found in Student Housing, Caravan Parks, Holiday Parks, Airbnb’s, Hotels, Motels, Mining Camps and Guest Houses. If you have an interesting new segment for us, please get in touch.

I am a distributor/manufacturer. How can I partner with you?

We are continuously extending our reseller and distributor network across the world and are interested in hearing from you. Click here to connect with us.