Cashless Laundry Payments with KIOSK and MOBILE PAY

Tangerpay can help!

Tangerpay is helping laundries globally go cashless

With Tangerpay you can do more than just… pay!

Why choose Tangerpay for your Cashless Laundry System?


Provide MORE laundry payment options… Not less!

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Mobile Pay

Cashless Laundry Solutions

With card readers costing upwards of $1k per
machine to buy and install, a kiosk with one card
reader to service your entire laundry is the smarter choice.

Customers love the kiosk with its user friendly
screens. There’s plenty of features too: multi-
machine start, loyalty, promo’s, customer feedback,
receipts, and SMS reminders.

With no accounts to set up, a customer can select,
pay and start a machine within minutes of arriving
at your store.

How does it all work?

Remote Start any machine ANYWHERE in the world

Want to pay by Kiosk instead…
too easy!

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