Operating a Laundromat during the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Coronavirus could finally spell the end of coins”

“Coins carry viruses better than…”

“Virtually no demand for coins in 2020”

With headlines like this, customers are actively avoiding cash and coins. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a myth, fact, or just a scare tactic to make for a good story, this is what customers are reading everyday in the news.

USA/Europe/Australia, along with rest of the world have been moving away from cash even before Covid-19, but with the pandemic interrupting our way of life, the shift has gained an unstoppable momentum.

The laundry industry has deep roots in coin operation dating back decades. As lockdowns happen, cash handling is now a safety risk, with the recommendation to use other means. Store owners around the world are presented with a problem that puts the traditional way they do business at risk.

With paying by Mobile and Paywave the new norm, store owners have been enquiring in record numbers on how to move their laundry equipment to zero touch payment solutions. Going with a solution such as Tangerpay’s Mobile Pay, a customer can walk into a store and within less than a minute start any machine from either their mobile or via a paywave enabled kiosk.

Zero touch enabled payments, hand sanitizer, and face masks… it’s been an interesting year and forced customers and business owners alike to move away from cash and coin, and into our digitally enabled future where customers feel safe paying with their mobile phones and credit cards.

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