Australian Laundromat Owners Group

Looking for a Laundromat Owners Community?

If you are looking for an Australian Laundromat Owners Group, then the Laundromat Owners – Australia & New Zealand Facebook Group is what you are searching for.  It’s independently run by passionate laundromat owners across Australia and New Zealand just like you.

How do I join the Australian Laundromat Owners Community

Go to Facebook and search for “Laundromat Owners Australia and New Zealand”

Here’s the link: Laundromat Owners – Australia & New Zealand Facebook Group 

Some groups are run by companies selling their products (like the “Laundromat Owners of Australia Facebook group) and the reason this independent laundromat owners group was created.

More about the Community Group

It can be daunting when you open a laundromat, this group has experienced laundromat owners passionate about the industry.  They will help you along your journey as a laundry owner.  This group will serve as your support and ideas network, and help you grow your business.  You are invited to not only listen to conversations, but to actively participate in them and help enrich the group as a whole.  

Some good ideas for discussions include:

  • Useful laundry technician contacts
  • How to fix common problems
  • Laundry gotchas
  • How to deal with difficult customers
  • Shop leasing/compliance guidelines
  • Latest laundromat innovations
  • Store designs

Is there a cost to join the Laundromat Owners Group?

No.  It’s a Facebook group run by Laundromat Owners like you.  There is no cost

What is Tangerpays involvement in this group?

Tangerpay’s is a purely a proud supporter of this independent laundromat forum and community group. 


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